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Industry sessions

Team sessions with industry experts to
stay updated with UX/UI trends, gain
new ideas and acquire skills.

Image of INDUSTRY SESSIONS being conducted at office of UX Team

Recreation sessions

A positive work culture that promotes
work-life balance and builds lasting

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Training sessions

Build a user experience
community by incorporating
skill development

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Core Values

Principles we believe in

Lifelong learning

Learning gives creativity which leads to proactive thinking and invincible knowledge. The hunger for learning is the reason for continuous growth.

Don't stop questioning

Curiosity empowers innovation. See beyond the fold and read between the lines because there’s always more than what meets the eye.

High adaptability

Change is inevitable; it’s an opportunity to learn, create, collaborate and grow. Being adaptable to new ideas and thoughts opens new perspectives.

Empathize deeply

Understand different perspectives to build a positive experiences and relationships. Empathy gives a platform to grow in all directions and empowers business growth.

Deliver business value

Seek pragmatic solutions to solve problems. Design impactful experiences that elevate businesses and improve people’s lives.

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Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.

Company culture
Creativity first Respect Trust Values Transparency Strong work ethics Team player Accountability
Profile Picture of Darsh Desai

Darsh Desai

Product Designer

“UXTeam offers great personal and professional growth opportunities, and has a supportive and friendly work environment.”

Profile Picture of Vidhi Parikh

Vidhi Parikh

Content Designer

“A positive work environment is what one needs to learn and evolve professionally and UXTeam offers that. What I love about UXTeam is the people I work with and the sense of accomplishment I get after working each day.”

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Open Positions

UX/UI Design Intern


UX/UI Designer

1 to 3 years

Content Marketer

1 to 3 years

UX Team in Motion

A dynamic and inclusive culture of growth and opportunities

Image of UX Team members celebrating 3rd anniversary of agency
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