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Data-centric digital design: A success story on UXTeam's partnership with DXFactor to drive business outcomes


Dharmesh Trivedi


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DX Factor


Data science, Digital transformation


Digital products


Virginia, USA

An interview with Dharmesh Trivedi, Founder, and CEO of DX Factor

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Tell us about your background and your journey as a serial entrepreneur.

I started my first company Razorsight at the age of 21 years, from my garage. It was a digital transformation company in the telecommunications vertical. I grew the company to a whopping $80 million in revenue. Later on, the company was acquired by Synchronoss Technologies.

Thereafter, I joined a startup called Motionsoft in the fitness sector to direct and expand its operations. I grew the company to 50 million dollars in revenue. Simultaneously, my passion for creating something of my own was growing fervently so I exited the company to start my venture.

I observed the increasing growth of digital transformation in the data science field. I wanted to leverage data science to create subscription business models that empower companies to increase sales. I pushed the envelope to start DX Factor, a data science and data engineering services company, and simultaneously I also established Cipio, a customer intelligence company to provide data-driven insights that can improve the bottom line for his clients.

Can you give us a brief understanding of the DX Factor?

It is a niche digital transformation services company that transforms raw data into actionable outcomes for its clients. They create human+machine collaboration to modernize applications and digitize operations for their Fortune 500 clients.

What inspired you to start DX Factor?

I am from a Gujarati (Indian) background. I come from a family of entrepreneurs. My father is also an entrepreneur. The Gujarati blood inspired me — I always wanted to run my own business, create something of my own and grow it. I moved to the USA in 1999 to study Master in Computer science. In my second year at college, I started my first company Razorsight from my garage. It was a digital transformation company in the telecommunications vertical. This was at the age of 21 years and since then there’s no looking back.

What was the importance of UX design to your business and what business challenges did you face?

Being a B2B digital transformation services company, UX design was crucial to DX Factor from day one. We are constantly designing digital solutions and developing services for their clients be it web solutions or mobile apps and each project requires a UX/UI skillset.

“Being a CEO, handling customers, I wanted things to happen — whether it’s a wireframe or a conceptual design. When you’re trying to sell something, you have to come up with a quick visual design to show it to the customer to close the deal. I had a tremendous pipeline and I was genuinely looking for someone who would stand by me to deliver exceptional visual designs.”

How did you try to resolve these design challenges?

Like every entrepreneur facing UX challenges, I thought that the best option is to build an in-house team and hire UX designers that could take care of the recurring needs. But the search for in-house designers and the hassle of building a team was long and cumbersome.

Data science as a field is a deep dive so the problem was to find UX designers with the ability to understand their business and create user-centric designs that meet the business objectives.

When did you decide to work with UXTeam?

Chintan (Founder, UXTeam) and I go back a long way. We have known each other through our mutual network. Since I had a good rapport with Chintan, I associated with UXTeam from day one. I leveraged the skills of UXTeam to look after their ongoing design needs, meanwhile searching for in-house UX designers.

How was your experience working with UXTeam?

I was really happy and satisfied with the designs produced by UXTeam. I realized that instead of wasting time and energy looking for UX designers, it was better to leverage UXTeam’s skill set.

Even when DX Factor was engaged with UXTeam on a project basis, we never had to go out and look for another agency because UXTeam stood by our side whenever needed and was able to deliver on expectations.

“I wasn’t looking for a to-do list UX designer; I was looking for someone who would genuinely understand his business and deliver exceptional results quickly and UXTeam did a phenomenal job at it.”

Why did you choose UXTeam as your Design partner?

I decided to continue working with UXTeam for several reasons.

  • Ability to understand business
  • Ingenuity in design
  • Commendable quality of work
  • Value for money
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills

“UXTeam can push back. We, as their client, might have urgent requirements but UXTeam believes in delivering exceptional quality work so they push back and ask for more time to understand the requirement. And when they deliver,it’s of exceptional quality — our clients love it and there are minimal changes. It’s a win-win.”

What was the outcome of the user experience design of MTT created by UXTeam? Did you see any measurable benefit from this collaboration?

Every client of DX Factor is convinced and impressed with the UX design process followed by UXTeam. When the final product comes out, every customer is in love with the UX design, and once we go live with it, the results are amazing.

I gained many growth opportunities and business advantages from this

  • I could scale the business while reducing business risk
  • Unlocked greater business value for clients through delightful experience design
  • Increased client retention for DX Factor because of great service
  • No hiring and firing hassle

If you had to talk about one element of UXTeam that stood out or surprised you pleasantly, what would that be?

When it comes to hiring UX designers from India, I had a preconception that it’s tough to find this caliber of people in Ahmedabad, I might have to look for designers from a city like Bengaluru, India. I never thought I would find such a competent, highly-skilled team of UX designers who deliver global-stature designs. It made me happy.

Would you recommend UXTeam to other entrepreneurs in your network?

“I would 100% recommend UXTeam to anyone looking for UX/UI design services in my network solely for their exceptional quality of work."

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