Overview of the project

Xenia simplifies operations and facilities management, safety, and quality assurance in a single platform accessible on both desktop and mobile. Standardise, schedule, track, and evaluate work across departments, assets, and locations with inspections, work orders, checklists, logs, chats, and reports, all in one place.

  • Industry


  • Platform

    Mobile and Web App

  • Location


  • Services

    Design Strategy
    UX Design
    UI Design
    Design System

Challenges identified by Xenia

  • scattered-system-icon

    Scattered System

    No centralized system to understand the role, responsibilities, and routine of the hotel management staff.

  • Understanding Risks

    Potential Edge Cases

    Identifying and addressing potential edge cases that could occur in emergency situations to maintain the safety and security of the hotel guests.

  • Accessibility


    Creating a user-friendly interface that frontline workers could easily understand and navigate to complete their tasks with ease.

Our Approach

Collaborative Discovery Sessions Insights

We comprehended stakeholders’ vision and requirements and analyzed the daily tasks of frontline workers to identify the key functionalities. Based on the insights, we defined the interaction and scope of web and mobile platforms.

  • In the hospitality space, things can go wrong very quickly. Thus understanding the edge cases should be given the most importance.
  • Scalability was the issue when the facility plans to grow beyond a certain area or staff.
  • Non-intuitive flows for smooth processing of requests resulted in delays in accomplishing tasks requested by guests.
Tasks Life Cycle & Status Flow
Task Management Flow

Easily accessible important actions.

User can see their department’s task as soon as they login to their account daily with important features like adding tasks on the fly.

Image of the dashboard of the Xenia application-2x

Add your task with ease

Simple one-click solution to create daily task on the go. Also, user can select and use templates to fast forward their process.

Don’t spend time on creating same tasks

An easy to create and configure checklist which can be attach to task. Frontline workers can then utilize this tool, marking off each item as they complete their assigned tasks.

Tasks for the day

Upon launching Xenia, users will have the ability to monitor daily tasks seamlessly. To further streamline work, they can filter tasks by department and status.

Task Details

Users can get detailed insights into their task, including details about its creator and associated attachments to enhance understanding of the task.

Stay organized

Frontline workers can access comprehensive checklists to track their tasks systematically, thereby allowing them to monitor their progress effectively.

Design System

While working through the design stages, we simultaneously developed a robust design system to ensures the platform’s scalability and longevity.


What we delivered

After numerous revisions and collaborative discussions over Zoom, we presented the finalized designs.

  • 2500+ hrs

    Focused design work

  • 200+ hrs

    Discovery sessions and
    feedback meetings

  • 1000+

    Screens designed

  • “All the communication and late-night Zoom calls came to fruition because UXTeam turned up on the timeline and processes so well. It was a truly enjoyable experience because I discovered new things and UXTeam understood my apprehensions.”

    Neil Sareen

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